Pay attention to elevator safety and build a beautiful home together-one of the 2020 elevator safety knowledge popularization public welfare activities of Chenzhou Elevator Industry Association

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In order to comprehensively improve the emergency handling capacity of elevator emergencies, on the morning of July 8, 2020, Chenzhou Elevator Industry Association, Brown Elevator (Chenzhou) Co., Ltd., Yongquan Street Chuandong Community, Guangdong Yude Property Service Development Co., Ltd. Chenzhou Branch and Hunan Anqi Property Management Co., Ltd. Chenzhou Branch jointly launched the first phase of public welfare activities for popularizing elevator safety knowledge in Qianlihushan Community and Zhuyuan New Town (Nanyuan) Community.


At 9:30 am, organized by Brown Elevator (Chenzhou) Co., Ltd., the secretary general of Chenzhou Elevator Industry Association explained the basic knowledge of elevators, such as elevator signs, common faults, safety precautions when taking the elevator, and when elevator failures and accidents occur Response measures. During the course of the explanation, there were on-site knowledge questions and answers. Although the weather was hot, the owners were enthusiastic, actively participated, and answered enthusiastically. At the same time, they also asked many questions they encountered during the daily ride. The Brown Elevator technicians were patient to answer them one by one. 

Enthusiasm and active participation

Subsequently, many owners of the community were invited to participate in the elevator simulation emergency drill at the event site. Before entering the elevator, the relevant technical staff of Brown Elevator (Chenzhou) Co., Ltd. first introduced the parameters and performance of the elevator, and dealt with the sudden power failure and elevator What should the passengers do to deal with problems such as malfunctions and discomfort of the passengers.

Explain carefully

Then, the owners and property management personnel who participated in the simulation exercise entered the elevator to experience it for themselves. First, the elevator rescue call was made after the failure was discovered. The person on duty in the monitoring room received a call from the failure. The person on duty used the elevator intercom system to appease the trapped persons and guide the trapped persons to take safety measures while reporting the situation to the property staff.

Participate in the exercise



The property management staff immediately initiated emergency rescue and notified the elevator maintenance unit. At the same time, the various departments of the property immediately implemented the emergency plan. The staff quickly arrived at the scene to maintain order and comfort the trapped persons; then the elevator maintenance staff rushed to the scene to troubleshoot the elevator. , And finally opened the elevator door to rescue the trapped people.


Many owners were invited to participate in the rescue exercise for people trapped in elevators. A brochure on elevator safety knowledge was distributed on the spot, which was welcomed by the residents of the community. Through this training and on-site drills, the residents in the community have increased their awareness of safe riding, and the emergency response capabilities of the residents have been improved, so that the residents in the community can live more happily and at ease.

The following are common sense of riding elevators, precautions and countermeasures for safe riding. Please regulate the use of elevators and avoid unsafe behaviors.





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