Freight elevator

Freight elevator

Brown freight elevator-heavy accumulation, stable and energy-saving

Pave the way for practical vertical transportation

Mature VVVF technology, large cargo space, combined with safe technology and humanized design, create a high-quality cargo elevator from Brown. It has high-quality characteristics such as safety and durability, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and is more suitable for cargo transportation, and can easily cope with important occasions with frequent cargo in and out and high elevator utilization.

Multiple considerations for super carrying

Brown freight elevator, its application of fully computerized modular elevator special control system, efficient and reliable driving mode, soft and sensitive VVVF variable frequency door machine, so that it can be easily carried and strained freely under various working conditions; high-strength car The structure of the compartment, the anti-collision strips and the light curtain door can meet various loading purposes and use different building structures, making more load-bearing and heavy lifting more capable. Create a new concept of cargo transportation.


Large opening distance

It adopts diversified door opening methods and wide door opening width, which is convenient for the entry and exit of large goods.

Light curtain protection

A light curtain protection barrier is formed at the entrance of the elevator, which can react sensitively to any object that enters its detection range, effectively protecting the safety of people and goods.

strong and sturdy

It is made of high-strength profiles and specially reinforced car chassis, which is durable.