Machine Roomless Freight Elevator

Machine Roomless Freight Elevator

Brown freight elevator-heavy accumulation, stable and energy-saving

Pave the way for practical vertical transportation

Mature VVVF technology, large cargo space, combined with safe technology and humanized design, create a high-quality cargo elevator from Brown. It has high-quality characteristics such as safety and durability, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection, and is more suitable for cargo transportation, and can easily cope with important occasions with frequent cargo in and out and high elevator utilization.

Brown's machine-room-less freight elevator products adopt high-tech permanent magnet synchronous gearless traction that leads the trend of the times. Compared with traditional geared traction, it has a small mainframe, minimized hoistway space, significant energy-saving effect, and extremely low The operating noise, the first-class ride quality, the excellent performance characteristics of life-long maintenance-free, and the combination of the car with simple and elegant style, elegant color and humanized design style, is a classic combination of safety and perfection. It is widely used in freight places such as factories and shopping malls.

Mature technology, safe and durable

The fully intelligent microcomputer integrated control system ensures fast, accurate, and reliable response to instructions. The precise frequency conversion door machine system and reliable elevator configuration ensure long-term stable operation.

Space saving and wide application

The compact size design of the host and control cabinet eliminates the need for a computer room, effectively saving space, and easily integrating into the building, bringing more freedom to architectural design and a wider range of applications.