The Brown Elevator production workshop is in full swing, producing high-quality and high-efficiency products!

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In the early summer, the temperature gradually picked up, and Brown's sales performance was also rising like the weather. The production atmosphere in the workshop can be

described as full of enthusiasm and a busy scene! 


In recent days, the company's production orders have continued to flow. The machine roars in the spacious production workshop. The workers are engrossed in operating various machinery and are busy working overtime in their respective positions. The process is followed up in an orderly, busy but not chaotic manner to ensure that the production orders can be completed with quality and quantity.


Quality and quantity are the pillars of the rise of enterprises

Since the establishment of the factory in 2009, the company has been relying on excellent products to continuously expand the market, and has been recognized by the majority of customers. Sales orders are spread all over the country and overseas, and it has quickly established a foothold in the elevator industry!1621582489.png

Strictness is our attitude, ingenuity is our spirit

"A little miss is a great difference", every detail of the product is related to the safety and stability of the product. The company has always been adhering to the ingenuity of making high-quality goods and creating technology. In every link of production, we adhere to the meticulous operating procedures and use superb processing technology to manufacture energy-saving, environmentally friendly, efficient and safe elevators.

The master of laser cutting is carefully checking each data


The drill master has been in this position for 10 years

Strictly require the craftsmanship, concentrate on making the drill position accurate to 0.1mm


The bending master is carefully studying the process and product data

Give full play to the ingenuity


Quality is our persistence, excellence is our pursuit

Quality target: the product qualification rate reaches 100%
Quality is the lifeline of an enterprise. All employees of the company check and control at all levels to create a corporate image of quality. Focus on continuous innovation and breakthroughs, strive for perfection, and create outstanding and high-quality products. We firmly believe that superior quality is the cornerstone for an enterprise to gain social trust and respect.

Manager Xiao of the production department teaches production skills to employees hand in hand

And strictly inspect its products


The quality department conducts accurate inspections on all products

Not let go of any badness


Regularly hold quality analysis meetings

Strengthen employees' quality awareness


Good product Tiancheng·Ingenuity

Rigorous standards, set up corporate benchmarks

Exquisite work, creating a model of quality

Responsibility, ingenuity, perfect achievement and blooming

High quality guarantee on-time delivery

Integrity management and seek common development!

With the efforts of all the employees of the company, sales have gradually increased, and the company is doing a lot of work from the top to the bottom. With the momentum of prosperity, the annual output value of 2021 will surely be able to reach a higher level!

come on! Roll up your sleeves and do it!

The future of Brown Elevator can be expected!

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