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In order to demonstrate the spirit of the park's enterprise, enrich the spare-time life of enterprise employees, enhance their physical fitness, and further enhance team cohesion. On June 29th, the "2020 "My Health·Working Beauty" Hula Hoop Competition" hosted by the Yizhang Economic Development Zone Labor Union kicked off at Braun Elevator.


For this event, the administrative staff of Brown Group actively cooperated with the park in preparations and other related work. Employees of the company enthusiastically signed up and participated actively, fully demonstrating teamwork and cohesion in the activities.

During the competition, as the players twisted and the hula hoop shook smoothly, they had the courage to challenge themselves and showed a sassy and heroic posture on the field! The audience cheered for them, and each contestant had a happy smile on his face. The fighting spirit of every player on the field exaggerated all the people present, and through the joint efforts of everyone, they finally won the second prize of the team competition and the first prize of the individual.


At work, they are enterprising, united and friendly, they are positive in life, and their spare time is also colorful. Through this competition, it fully demonstrated the good teamwork ability and strong team spirit of Brown Group employees.


Introduction to Brown Elevator

It is a national high-tech enterprise, covering an area of 180 acres, owning a 131m test tower with the highest height in South China, and has obtained more than 30 patents. It is a strong Sino-German joint venture brand that maintains rapid growth.

Braun Elevator, raising a new level of life!

Inherit German technology to create quality space

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Address: Industrial Undertaking Park, Economic Development Zone, Yizhang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province

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