The garden is full of spring and can't be closed-Brown Park is full of vitality and new atmosphere!

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When you walk hurriedly through the roads of the Brown Park

Have you found that the spring scenery in the park has quietly spread?

Follow the camera to feel the sadness of spring in the park


Early spring is suddenly cold and warm

Still can't stop the growth of everything in the park

Flowers vying to release

Green sprouts of trees and grass sprouting

Clusters of small yellow flowers crawled over the fence of Brown Park

The winter jasmine is not afraid of the cold of spring, and opens to the cold

Be the first to tell people the coming of spring

Leading the blooming of a hundred flowers

Just like the tenacious, active and innovative entrepreneurial spirit of Braun Elevator


The camellia at the entrance of the sales center building is particularly brilliant and eye-catching

The trees full of red flowers are like smiling faces, welcoming visitors from all directions

Corresponds to the service 6S service system of Brown Elevator

Smile, professional, satisfied, safe, sincere, fast

The welcoming pine is still hung with pine balls and grows a tree full of green new matsutake

It means that Brown Elevator is in the new year

It will be fruitful, and go to the next tower

The flower in the picture below has a nice name called → Honghua Loropod

The planting in the park is particularly good, it is blooming in blooming period

The strip-shaped flowers are clustered into clusters, connecting into one piece.

Looking at the big colorful flowers

Just as all employees of Braun are united

Will be able to achieve a more brilliant Brown Elevator



Every corner of the park glowing with the breath of spring




Spring is full of gardens



Spring returned, fresh starts for everything

Spring brings infinite hope

Brown Elevator is sending you the spring scenery at the same time

And may your life be as vibrant as spring

Everything is going to the next level!


National exclusive hotline: 400-804-0030

China Germany joint venture

Brown Elevator (Chenzhou) Co., Ltd.

Address: Industrial Undertaking Park, Economic Development Zone, Yizhang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province

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